Information for Grant Seekers

The ADEAGies Foundation provides grants to improve the oral health of the public through the support of dental education institutions; the encouragement of lifelong learning; and the recognition of scholarly achievement, professional ethics and values, and publications in dental education and research.

Three to five proposals may be funded annually. Grant support ranges up to $25,000 and may be a one-time grant or funding provided for up to four years.

The ADEAGies Foundation has two funding cycles per year. The deadlines are March 1 and September 1. The foundation will give prompt consideration to all proposals and respond to applicants within 90 days of the deadline. Grantees are expected to report project outcomes to the foundation at the end of the grant period.

The ADEAGies Foundation is interested in receiving applications for grants that:

  1. Support educational and research development in academic dentistry
    • Study and strengthen dental education as part of the United States higher education system
    • Encourage the development of fulltime faculty in leadership, teaching, and research
    • Enhance the capacity of academic dental institutions to conduct oral health-related research
    • Evaluate and develop innovative dental education curricula to meet the changing environment of dental education and research
    • Research and develop strategies to improve the role of academic dental institutions in ensuring access to oral health care for all, especially the underserved
    • Assess and develop programs to promote professional ethics, social responsibility, a diverse workforce, cultural competence, and values that sustain the profession for the public good
  2. Encourage lifelong learning
    • Understand dentistry and its relationship to society and develop educational programs for dentists in collaboration with other health professionals interested in oral health (medicine and public health)
    • Contribute to the funding of continuing dental education program speakers for dental professionals
  3. Recognize and support
    • Quality journalism in dental literature
    • Scientific or other achievement within the recognized dental specialties
    • Student achievement in service, oral health education, or research

Other Considerations

  1. The foundation gives priority to grant applicants from the United States.
  2. Priority for funding will be given to organizations (or the organization with which an individual applicant is affiliated) described under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended.
  3. The grantee or other beneficiary must demonstrate the potential to continue the funded work in a self-renewing manner after ADEAGies Foundation
    support ceases.
  4. The ADEAGies Foundation generally does not fund the following:
    • Operational phases of established programs
    • Capital expenses (facilities and equipment, except as a part of a programmatic effort)
    • Indirect or overhead costs
    • Conferences that are not a part of a larger programmatic effort
    • Films, television, or radio programs or other public awareness initiatives, unless they are key aspects of a programmatic effort
    • Direct patient care services
    • Clinical demonstration projects
    • Endowments or development campaigns
    • Individuals, including research projects conducted by a single individual

The Application Process  

Step 1: Letter of Intent

Those seeking to forward a proposal must provide an initial Letter of Intent of 500 words or less to the ADEAGies Foundation Grants Committee Chairperson, 1400 K Street NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005. The Letter of Intent should briefly state:

  • Purpose and objectives of the project
  • Funding requested
  • Length of funding request

Step 2: Proposal

The ADEAGies Foundation Grants Committee will respond to the letter of intent within 45 days of receiving it. If the applicant is invited to submit a full proposal, he or she must provide the following:

  • Contact name
  • Legal organization name (do not use acronyms)
  • Complete contact information, including mailing address, telephone number, and email address
  • Project title and purpose
  • Project objectives
  • Project activities, including target audiences, methodology, operational procedures, and schedules
  • Budget, including total dollars required for the project, and institutional and other support expected
  • Length of funding request
  • Anticipated outcomes and means to measure and assess outcomes
  • Personnel resources required
  • Sustainability of the project after the grant period has ended
  • Ways in which the ADEAGies Foundation will be recognized for its contribution

Applicants may be asked to provide additional information to the foundation. Proposals, including appendices and other attachments, should not exceed 15 pages.