ADEA CAAPID Application Instructions

Personal Information

This section includes biographical information, personal data and background information. 

Biographical, Contact and Citizenship Information

Collected information includes alternate name, gender, and birth information; current and permanent addresses; email most often checked by the applicant; phone number; and citizenship status, residency information and visa information, if applicable.

Race and Ethnicity (Optional)

Collected information includes ethnicity and race, gender and other identifying information (answers about ethnicity and race are optional).

Other Information

Collected information includes disclosure of legal and academic or professional disciplinary actions, relatives in the field of dentistry or dental hygiene and previous applications to U.S. dental schools, as well as DENTPIN®, which is required.


A DENTPIN is a unique identification number that is used instead of the social security number. DENTPINs are assigned by the American Dental Association (ADA). For more information or to obtain a DENTPIN, please visit: