ADEA CAAPID Application Instructions

Monitoring Application Status

The “Check Status” tab allows applicants to check on the status of their application to each advanced standing program they have submitted an application for, as well as the receipt status for their official foreign transcript evaluation, official ETS TOEFL scores and letters of evaluation.  Applicants should monitor the status of their applications and to follow up with ADEA CAAPID® on any missing documents.

Only ADEA CAAPID application statuses are provided. Once an application is complete for a designated program, no further updates on the admissions status of the application will be provided via ADEA CAAPID.  All admissions decisions will be provided directly to an applicant by the program. ADEA CAAPID makes no determinations on the eligibility of an applicant for a program, nor does ADEA CAAPID have any influence over the admissions status of an applicant at a particular dental school. No information on admissions decisions or enrollment status will be provided by ADEA CAAPID.  This information will be provided by the individual dental schools to which an applicant has applied, and questions regarding offers of admission should be directed to each individual program.