ADEA CAAPID℠ Application Instructions

Letters of Evaluation

Letters of evaluation are traditional recommendation letters recommending a person to a U.S. dental school. Letters of evaluation are not required as part of a complete application. ADEA CAAPID℠ will process up to three letters. Applicants should check the program to which they are applying to determine if the program wants letters from specific individuals (e.g., supervisors, professors, dentists).

Letters of evaluation can be sent in two formats:

  • Electronic format (preferred): As soon as the evaluator’s name and email address are provided, the evaluator will receive an email from ADEA CAAPID℠ directing him or her to the ADEA CAAPID℠ Evaluators Portal.
  • Paper format: While the electronic format is strongly encouraged, paper letters of evaluation are also accepted. Paper letters must be typed and accompany the request form.

Waiver of Access

The letter of evaluation form requires a waiver statement. A U.S. federal law (P.L. 93-30, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA] of 1974) protecting education records requires applicants to certain educational programs, including dental education programs, to indicate whether they wish to waive or retain the right to read evaluations submitted on their behalf. If an applicant waives access, he or she is assuring the evaluator of the permanent confidentiality of comments made on behalf of the applicant.