ADEA CAAPID Application Instructions

Letters of Evaluation

ADEA CAAPID collects up to three (3) electronically provided letters of evaluation per applicant.  While letters of evaluation are not required as a part of the ADEA CAAPID application, each advanced standing program accepting the ADEA CAAPID application requires at least two (2) letters of evaluation. Applicants are advised to check the specific letter requirements for each advanced standing program by visiting the ADEA CAAPID Program Directory.

When listing letter of evaluation authors on the ADEA CAAPID application, applicants are required to provide the name of the letter author, the organization or school which the author is affiliated with, contact information for the author, a due date for the letter and a personal message to the evaluator.  Applicants are advised to use a due date no later than the earliest deadline of a program to which the applicant is applying, while still allowing the evaluator time to complete the process.

IMPORTANT: ADEA CAAPID requires all letters of evaluation received to be written on official letter head from the organization or institution the evaluator is affiliated with, and to contain an original signature from the author. It is advised these requirements be conveyed to evaluators using the “Personal Message/Notes” field on the request page. While ADEA CAAPID has set these requirements, some advanced standing programs may make exceptions to these requirements for extenuating circumstances.

As soon as the evaluator information is saved on the ADEA CAAPID application, the evaluator will receive an automated message from ADEA CAAPID directing him or her to complete the online submission process for letters of evaluation.  All letters of evaluation must be submitted through the online Evaluator’s Portal. No paper letters of evaluation will be accepted, and they should not be mailed in to ADEA CAAPID. While ADEA CAAPID does not accept paper letters of evaluation, some programs may allow applicants with a paper copy of their letter to upload the document in the Program Materials portion of the application. Applicants with a paper letter are encouraged to check this portion of the application for more information.