ADEA CAAPID℠ Application Instructions

Academic History

This section includes collected information on undergraduate/graduate colleges and/or advanced dental education programs attended.

Report all dental schools attended. List each dental school only once regardless of the number of degrees earned or gaps in the dates of attendance.

Applicants are required to send a foreign dental school transcript evaluation with a Transcript Matching Form, available in the application once a school is entered. ADEA CAAPID℠ only accepts evaluated foreign transcripts from Education Credential Evaluators (ECE) ( and World Education Services (WES) (

ECE/WES (Required)

Request a course-by-course evaluation (not a summary) of record. All transcripts must be translated into English. A notarized copy of the foreign transcript evaluation from ECE/WES can be submitted if an original copy cannot be obtained.

New to the 2015 application cycle:


ADEA CAAPID℠ applicants using the WES (World Education Services) evaluations:

As a new feature for the 2015 cycle, official WES GPAs will be submitted electronically to ADEA CAAPID to all programs an applicant has applied to, in addition to the WES paper foreign transcript evaluation being sent.

In order for official GPAs to be submitted an applicant MUST:

  • Create a 2015 ADEA CAAPID application first to generate a 2015 applicant ID number 
  • Request an official paper copy be sent to ADEA CAAPID directly from WES. Note, ADEA CAAPID requires only one copy of the WES evaluation to be sent.  

For those who may already possess a copy of the WES evaluation, they must provide WES with a 2015 ID number in order for the GPA data to be sent, along with a new  paper copy of the evaluation.  GPA data will not be received by ADEA CAAPID unless a new copy of the evaluation is sent directly from WES to ADEA CAAPID.

ADEA CAAPID℠ applicants using ECE (Education Credential Evaluators) evaluations: Applicants are required to submit the official paper copy to ADEA CAAPID℠. The copy should include the ECE Comprehensive GPA and ECE best result GPA. Applicants may self-report their Comprehensive (all evaluated grades and credits including failed, repeated courses, etc) and Best Result GPA, as stated on the official evaluation, under the “Colleges and Universities/Dental Schools Attended” section of the ADEA CAAPID℠ application.

Applicants should always inquire directly with their programs to determine which evaluation service they should use. ADEA CAAPID℠ will not determine if the applicant has met individual program requirements.

The comprehensive grade point average (GPA) should be included, which shows all evaluated grades/credits, instead of the overall GPA, which may or may not include certain grades for classes the applicant failed, repeated, etc.

Transcript Request Form (Required)

Applicants should print out a Transcript Request Form for each institution attended. A form will be generated in the application based on the applicant’s reported institution. This should accompany the transcript evaluation sent to ADEA CAAPID℠. This form enables ADEA CAAPID℠ to digitally match each dental school transcript to the correct application. Failure to include this form with transcripts may increase the processing time of the documents once ADEA CAAPID℠ receives them. Print this form and send it with each ECE/WES evaluation. Please note there are two transcript matching forms that will display under the “Colleges and Universities/Dental Schools Attended” section of the application. The V form pertains to ECE evaluations and the W form pertains to WES evaluations.

Request for Exception (Optional)

Applicants are required to submit all official college and university/dental school transcripts. “Request for Exception” can be assigned in the application if the program is unable to obtain official transcripts. Applicants must provide an explanation about why a transcript is not available.