ADEA CAAPID Application Instructions

Academic History

As a new feature of the 2016 cycle, official WES and ECE foreign evaluations will be submitted electronically to ADEA CAAPID to all programs an applicant has applied to, in addition to the WES and ECE GPAs being sent. ADEA CAAPID only accepts evaluated foreign transcripts evaluations from Education Credential Evaluators (ECE) ( and World Education Services (WES) As a new feature of the 2016 cycle, official foreign evaluations can be submitted electronically to ADEA CAAPID from ECE and WES.

In order for official evaluations to be submitted an applicant MUST: 

  • Create a 2016 ADEA CAAPID application to generate a CAS applicant ID number. 
  • Report all dental schools attended in the “Academic History” section . List each dental school only once regardless of the number of degrees earned or gaps in the dates of attendance. 
  • Under “What type of term system does this college use?” for schools that do not use any of the terms types listed, please select Semester.
  • Identify the appropriate tab to order a new or duplicate WES and/or new ECE foreign transcript evaluation electronically though ADEA CAAPID. 

Once the evaluation is ready it will be electronically sent to ADEA CAAPID. 

For applicants using the ECE evaluation:

  • Request a course-by-course evaluation (not summary) of the applicant record.
  • Applicants who have not yet completed an ECE evaluation should request the evaluation to be sent to ADEA CAAPID electronically.  
  • Applicants who have already had an ECE evaluation completed must request a paper copy to be mailed to ADEA CAAPID.

It is strongly recommended applicants order their foreign transcript evaluations online through ADEA CAAPID. The applicant may opt to send the official paper copy of the applicant record if special circumstances apply; for example, if an applicant already possesses an official, sealed paper copy of the evaluation. Applicants must download and print the “Transcript Request Form” under the Colleges Attended section of the application if they choose to send a paper copy. Applicants should check with all designated advanced standing programs for specific instructions.

Advanced Dental Education Programs

Identify any advanced dental education programs completed or in-progress. The following 10 program types are available:

  1. Advanced Education in General Dentistry
  2. Dental Public Health
  3. Endodontics
  4. Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
  5. Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
  6. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  7. Pediatric Dentistry
  8. Orthodontics
  9. Periodontics
  10. Prosthodontics

Identify the program level as Internship, Externship, Fellowship, Graduate Certificate or Residency.

Continuing Education Units

Identify continuing education courses, including the sponsoring organization and date of complete. A copy of the course certificate can be uploaded.