ADEA CAAPID Application Instructions

ADEA CAAPID Application

Once the application cycle opens, an applicant can begin the application at

Create an account:

To edit any of this information, visit the “My Profile” section of your application by clicking the arrow next to applicant name at the top of the page.

Your Name:

Provide title, first name, middle initial, last name and suffix. Please also indicate a display name, such as a nickname or preferred first name to be used throughout the application.

Contact Information:

Provide an e-mail address and phone number which you would like ADEA CAAPID to use for communication, as well as the type of e-mail address and phone number it is (home, work, or school). Please be sure the e-mail address is accurate, as important messages from ADEA CAAPID and the advanced standing programs to which you are applying will be sent here. 

Username and Password:

Create applicant information, making sure the username is at least 4 characters long, and the password is at least 8 characters and contains both letters and numbers or special characters. 

Program Selection:

Once an account is created, applicants must select at least one advanced standing program for international dentists to apply to. It is best to add all programs the applicant intends to apply to at this point. Applicants may add more programs later on, or remove a program prior to submission of the application. Please review the list of programs, and then advance to the application. Also utilize the ADEA CAAPID Program Directory