ADEA CAAPID Application FAQs

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General Questions about ADEA CAAPID +/-

Completing the online application +/-

Sending in Documents +/-

How do I submit an international transcript?  +/-

Where do I request my ECE /WES transcripts to be sent?

How can I check if ADEA CAAPID℠ received my ECE/WES transcripts?  +/-

Do I have to send an official WES/ECE Foreign Transcript Evaluation to ADEA CAAPID?

Yes. ADEA CAAPID requires an official foreign dental school transcript evaluation to be sent to ADEA CAAPID. ADEA CAAPID will accept only WES and ECE evaluations, and the evaluation must be a full course-by-course (not summary) report. Only original copies of WES/ECE evaluations are accepted. Photocopies of any kind cannot be accepted. 

How can I edit a degree in the “Colleges Attended” section?

Should I list a college if I only took one class there?

Letters of Evaluation +/-

Who should write my letters of evaluation?  +/-

How do evaluators submit a letter for me?

Tests +/-

Supplemental Information +/-

Program Designations +/-