Howard University College of Dentistry

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Description of Program

After the interviewing process, up to ten candidates will be selected. During the summer session, May through July, each candidate will be evaluated and calibrated in various clinical procedures, utilizing the preclinical manikins in the simulation laboratory. If unsuccessful, the acceptance will be rescinded, based on the performance, and the recommendation of the chairs, the admissions committee and the Dean. If the candidate’s performance is deemed satisfactory, he/she will be admitted to the third year (D3) class and will be included in all D3 and D4 programs. The program may extend beyond two years depending on the student’s ability to meet all graduation requirements.

Contact Information

Howard University
College of Dentistry
Office of Admissions, Room 126
Attention: International Dentist Program
600 W Street NW
Washington, DC 20059
Telephone: 202-806-0349
Fax: 202-806-0447

Program Details

Length of Program: 24 months
Program Deadline: November 1, 2014
Start Date: May 15, 2015
Class Size: up to 10
Degree Awarded: D.D.S.

Requirements to apply to program

English Language Proficiency

  • Must be proficient in the English language.
  • Applicants whose native language is not English are required to take the TOEFL, with a total score of 100 or more to be considered.
  • Must submit original TOEFL score report directly to program (not to ADEA CAAPID) only if scheduled for interview.
  • Only computer based TOEFL scores are accepted (no paper based.)

National Board Dental Examination Requirements

  • Program requires passage of NBDE Parts I and II and prefers that passage be within the last 5 years to be considered for admission.
  • Submit official National Board Dental Scores to program directly from ADA (not to ADEA CAAPID) only if scheduled for interview.
  • NEDB Part I and II must be completed, scored and passed prior to deadline.

Letter of Evaluation

  • Program requires three Letters of Evaluation (to ADEA CAAPID)
  • Program prefers one Letter of Evaluation to come from Dean of dental school from which applicant graduated.

Transcripts and Evaluations

  • Applicant must submit to ADEA CAAPID a detailed evaluation by either ECE or WES.
  • Program may require official transcripts from original dental school to be sent directly to program.

Application Fees

  • Send Supplemental Application Fee to program (not to ADEA CAAPID). An application is considered complete only if the fee is paid.

Non-Refundable $200.00 Supplemental Application Fee mailed to contact address given above. Make certified funds Cashier’s Checks/or Money Orders Payable to: Howard University College of Dentistry. (Include your ADEA CAAPID ID#: First Name and Last Name on the check or money order.) (DO NOT SEND CASH.)( NO PERSONAL CHECKS.)

Other documents that should be sent directly to program (not to ADEA CAAPID), only if requested

  • Only documents on the CAAPID website will be reviewed (unless specifically requested at interview).
  • Supplemental application material may be requested after review of your ADEA CAAPID application.
  • Send 2x2 color photograph to program (not to ADEA CAAPID) after being contacted by program for a scheduled interview. Print your name and ADEA CAAPID number on the back of the photo.
  • Communication by email is preferred over telephone. (Add to your email contacts to insure delivery of all email correspondence.)
  • Only applications that are complete, meet the deadline, and meet the requirements will be reviewed and considered for admission.