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ADEA Access, Diversity and Inclusion—August 2014

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On July 29, ADEA kicked off a monthly Leading Conversations webinar series, entitled “Lean In: A New Era for Women Leaders”. Led by ADEA’s Access, Diversity and Inclusion (ADEA ADI) portfolio, last month’s speakers included Dr. Kathryn Atchison, Professor in the UCLA School of Dentistry and School of Public Health, and Dr. Theresa Dolan, Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer at DENTSPLY International Professor and Dean Emeritus at the University of Florida. More than 200 people attended the webinar; most of the participants were from the United States and some were international.

The discussion touched on topics addressed in the books Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg and Composing a Life by Mary Catherine Bateson. Drs. Atchison and Dolan spoke about career choices and leadership roles available to women now and in the future, as well as balancing career and personal commitments. Dr. Dolan observed that from her experience, “life is really more of an improvisation, or a beautiful patchwork quilt of experiences, or a symphony with sometimes unique but complementary movements.”

Dr. Atchison discussed salary gap statistics from a recent Fortune magazine article and noted that pay varies greatly by discipline. Men in engineering earned $68,000 annually, while their female counterparts earned $65,817. And in the social sciences, the gap was even greater, with women earning $35,000, which was $12,000 less than men’s average salary of $47,320. One possible solution, she said is, “encouraging girls and young women to choose the STEM fields as strong considerations when career planning.”

Regarding salary negotiation, Dr. Dolan reminded webinar viewers that salary negotiations are just a part of business and to not personalize it. She also emphasized that as an employee, “know your worth in the marketplace and negotiate salary based on market data.”

Dr. Dolan continued by examining the numbers of women in leadership positions at dental schools with other health professions schools. She noted that dental schools have seen the greatest progress of women in top leadership positions at institutions for the health professions. Twenty percent of deans in dental schools are women (13 of 65), although half have been appointed in the last 18 months and 24% of chair positions are held by women (98). 

Additionally, Dr. Dolan addressed how diversity in the classroom makes a difference because it leads to enhanced strategic thinking and more effective decision-making. She noted that almost half of students enrolled in dental schools are women.

Dr. Atchison and Dr. Dolan will present at the upcoming 5th ADEA International Women’s Leadership Conference in Barcelona, Spain, September 14–16. They will present the “Women’s Leadership: Impact, Innovation and Industry" session, September 15th.

Join us on Wednesday, August 20, from noon to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time for the second webinar in the Leading Conversations webinar series, Moving IPE Forward: The Role for Dental Education, to learn how dental faculty and their institutional leaders are essential in moving their institutions one step closer to bringing interprofessional education (IPE) home.

The conversation will be facilitated by Judith A. Buchanan, D.M.D., M.S., Ph.D., a consultant to more than 15 U.S. dental schools in the areas of accreditation, outcome assessment and curriculum. She is also consultant to the Ministry of Education (Higher Education), U.A.E., in the accreditation of dental schools in that country.

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