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ADEA Institutional Capacity Building — July 2014

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In attendance at the 91st American Dental Hygienists’ Association Center for Lifelong Learning Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, June 18–24 were staff from the ADEA Institutional Capacity Building portfolio (ADEA ICB). One of the noticeable themes of the conference was managing change and transformation in dental hygiene.

The opening plenary began with remarks by Dan Thurmon, a motivational speaker, who focused on effective ways to manage change. He presented the idea of being off balance on purpose and discussed effective ways to manage change and transformation in one’s life. It was particularly relevant for American Dental Hygientists’ Association given the conference focus on transformation.

In an educators’ workshop session by the Center for Lifelong Learning, corporate speakers educated audience members about how their products have enhanced dental hygiene programs. In this session, The Council of Education gave updates on their work.

A key session for dental educators was “Transforming Dental Hygiene Education: New Curricular Domains and Models.” Attendees gained an understanding of the dental workforce future environment model at several pilot projects, the principles driving the proposed curricula of the future of dental hygiene and how programs can incorporate additional domains of health care.

At a Commission on Dental Accreditation open hearing, 60 people testified about the proposed new standard for dental therapy. Comments on the new standards began in December 2013 and continue for one year, and standards may change based upon comments received.

During the conference, ADEA also held a reception to honor ADEA members and their service to education. More than 100 attended and ADEA leadership thanked everyone for their participation and leadership.

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