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ADEA - Sunstar Americas, Inc. - Jack Bresch Student Legislative Internship—July 2014

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The ADEA/Sunstar Americas, Inc./Jack Bresch Student Legislative Internship is a six-week, stipend-supported internship in the Advocacy and Governmental Relations (ADEA AGR) portfolio of the ADEA Policy Center in Washington, D.C. This student legislative internship provides a unique learning experience for predoctoral, allied and advanced dental students, residents and fellows. It is designed to encourage students to learn about and eventually to become involved—as dental professionals—in the federal legislative process and the formulation of public policy as it relates to academic dentistry. The fellowship is open to any predoctoral, allied or advanced dental student, resident or fellow who is interested in learning about and contributing to the formulation of federal public policy with regard to dental education, dental research and the oral health of the nation. Funded through the generous support of Sunstar Americas, Inc., the student intern will be a member of the ADEA AGR staff and will participate in congressional meetings on Capitol Hill, coalition meetings and policy discussions among the ADEA Legislative Advisory Committee and ADEA AGR staff. 

An applicant must be a full-time predoctoral, allied or advanced dental student, resident or fellow whose institution is willing to work with the student to identify an appropriate time, consisting of six weeks during the school year, to pursue the internship. For additional information, please email Yvonne Knight, J.D., ADEA Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Governmental Relations, at Applications are accepted on a year-round basis.

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