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Institutional Capacity Building — June 2014

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The ADEA Institutional Capacity Building (ADEA ICB) portfolio gathered dental educators for the 2014 ADEA Allied Program Directors’ Conference and the ADEA Commission on Change and Innovation in Dental Education Summer Liaisons Meeting (ADEA CCI) in Philadelphia, June 7–12.

Plenary speaker Dr. Bob Russell, State Oral Health Director, Iowa Department of Public Health, opened up the 2014 ADEA Allied Program Directors’ Conference. He addressed the conference theme of how to better serve the community, specifically underserved populations. He provided a framework for access to care issues in different states and how to use personnel for maximum potential in new workforce models. He challenged program directors to develop curricula that encourage students to continue serving their communities.

For the second consecutive year, the two groups, ADEA CCI liaisons and allied program directors, overlapped meetings for a day to come together for a session titled Technology, Access and Serving Underserved Communities.

Keynote speaker Dr. Michael Hegleson, Chief Executive Officer of Apple Tree Dentists in Minneapolis, MN, spoke to the allied and dental educator communities.

Helgeson discussed Apple Tree Dentists’ work to incorporate interprofessional education in the organization, and create innovations in health care delivery, such as having dental hygienists in the dental office develop leadership roles. The discussion included relevant information pertaining to ADEA CCI’s meeting theme “Unlocking Innovation through Technology” and the allied program directors’ meeting theme “The Role of the Educator for Serving the Underserved.”

In the session “The Critical Role of Academic Leaders: Conversation with ADEA Leadership,” panelists Dr. Lily Garcia, Chair of the ADEA Board of Directors; Dr. Susan Kass, ADEA Board Director for Allied Dental Program Directors; and Dr. Richard Valachovic, ADEA President and CEO spoke about navigating technology developments that are changing the education landscape. Panelists encouraged attendees not to fear the technological advancements and to experiment with new technology, but also offered the precaution not to participate in every technological fad.

In another session, a game-show presentation was given involving true/false statements about technology. Attendees voted with their smart phones and user comments showed on the screen as panelists either validated or rejected the given statement. 

Participants also took the time to break into groups and analyze a syllabus. Each group chose one task and developed a method for how to make that syllabus piece more useful by incorporating technology. They then reported their creative-thinking strategies and gave all attendees ideas on how to better incorporate technology.

During ADEA CCI, representatives also discussed how they can best disseminate information from their meetings. A panel discussion led participants in a discussion of how to use creative approaches to enhance research opportunities for faculty and students. ADEA CCI liaisons also used that creative thinking and applied it to an open discussion about the current ADEA CCI program. They came up with ways the ADEA CCI program could be modified and updated to be even more impactful on their respective campuses.

To learn about latest in curricular change and innovation, check out the ADEA CCI Liaison Ledger.

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