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Educational Research and Analysis — June 2014

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The ADEA Educational, Research, and Analysis (ADEA ERA) portfolio is excited to announce the relaunch of the ADEA Allied Program Directors’ Survey this October. At the ADEA Allied Program Directors’ Meeting in Philadelphia on June 7–10, ERA staff convened a focus group to discuss the questions on the new survey with the allied community. The survey contains three primary topics: descriptors about each allied program and its program leadership, total number of faculty positions by discipline and salary information.

ADEA is listening to its members and wants to create both a survey that respondents are comfortable answering and data that can be used within their institutions. Salary information in the new survey will be in aggregate form, and thus more readily accessible to ADEA members. Thanks to focus group feedback, ADEA will add more information about the number of tenured positions, incentives offered for continuing at the institution, lost/vacant positions and expected number of retirements within the next five years.

With more than 600 allied program directors in the United States, ADEA is hoping to gather useful information about those directors and their staffs, basic demographics, types of degrees held, total number of faculty positions and general information about compensation at each level.

We request that all allied program directors take the time in October to participate in the survey. Results for the survey will be published on the ADEA website at Surveys and Reports.

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