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ADEA Educational Research and Analysis — May 2014

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The ADEA Educational, Research and Analysis (ERA) portfolio is excited to announce the launch of its main data website, called Trends. The new online library of research trends is especially helpful for ADEA members, such as dental faculty and administrators seeking to access survey data from the portfolio.

The data are presented by students (predoctoral, allied and advanced), faculty (employment status, rank, discipline and overall all composition) and educational institutions (listing and location of U.S. and Canadian dental schools as of 2014). The data are presented in both tables and charts and are available in PowerPoint displays with the ADEA branding for those who wish to incorporate the data in their presentations.

Here are a few highlights now available on the Trends homepage:

  • Total Enrollment and Graduates (1955–2013) (new!)
  • Applicants and Enrollees (1955–2013)
  • Dental School Graduates (2000–13)
  • DAT Scores from Applicants and Enrollees (2000–13)
  • Percent of Enrollees for each Applicant Cycle (2000–13)
  • Applicants and Enrollees by Gender, Race and Ethnicity (2000–13)
  • Graduating Senior Debt by Current and Constant Dollars(1996–2013)
  • Dental School Tuition and Fees by Current and Constant Dollars (1996–2013)
  • Why Students Choose to Pursue a Career in Dentistry (2013)
  • What Advanced Dental Education Programs are Seniors Pursuing (2013)

While such data is published by the ERA portfolio in the ADEA Deans’ Briefing Book in the fall, data is available in the spring to accommodate many dental education data requests. Educators now have access to more than 300 web pages of data without having to make specific data requests.

The ERA staff has many more planned features and updates coming in the next few months and will continue to report on our progress as new data displays become available. For assistance, email requests to

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