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State Policy Updates - May 2014

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H.B. 1061 was signed into law on March 24 by Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN). Under the new law, dental hygienists may practice under the prescriptive supervision of a licensed dentist in the following locations: dental offices, clinical settings, health facilities or other locations approved by the State Board of Dentistry. Under the definition of prescriptive supervision, a licensed dentist is not required to be physically present in the facility when patient care is provided by the dental hygienist if the following conditions are met:

  • The dental hygienist has completed at least two years of active practice as a dental hygienist under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist;
  • A licensed dentist has:
    • in a dental office setting, provided the patient with a comprehensive oral examination and any appropriate care in the previous seven months, issued written authority for the care to be provided in a dental office and notified the patient that the licensed dentist will not be present when the dental hygienist is providing the patient care; or
    • in a setting other than a dental office, provided the patient with a comprehensive oral examination and issued to the patient, on the same day, a written prescription that is valid for 45 days; and
  • The patient has provided a current medical history.


On April 7, Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) signed H.B. 4865. The new law requires mobile dental facilities to establish relationships with local area dentists to ensure patients are referred for proper follow-up dental procedures and improved treatment. Owners of these facilities must apply for a permit through the Department of Community Health. The bill also defines appropriate equipment and supplies for a mobile dental facility.

“Good dental health contributes to good overall health. Children and seniors are among our most vulnerable residents and they are also the most common customers of mobile dental facilities,” Gov. Snyder said. “Raising the quality of care delivered by these facilities will help ensure all Michiganders receive the services needed to live healthy lives.”

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