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Congress Reauthorizes Children's Hospitals GME Payment Program

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The president’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget proposed eliminating the appropriations for the Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) program because the authorization for the program had expired. The FY14 appropriation for CHGME is $265 million.  CHGME includes residencies for dentistry.

The new budget proposes replacing the CHGME program with a new Targeted Support for Graduate Medical Education Program funded from the Medicare Trust Fund at $530 million in FY15 with $100 million set aside for Children’s Hospital programs.  This proposed new program does not include dentistry.  

ADEA has been concerned about the lack of dentistry’s inclusion in the proposed new program and made inquiries among legislative leaders about the prospects of authorizing the new program.  No one was aware of any proposal.

Then on April 1, 2014, the House took up a Senate-passed bill, S. 1557, to extend the authorization of the CHGME program and passed it by voice vote; the measure was signed by the president on April 7 (Public Law 113-98).  The new law extends the authorization through FY18 at $300 million per year.  In turn, the dental residency program in the CHGME will continue through FY18 in much the same programmatic fashion as it has to date.

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