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Indiana Files Bill to Study the High Cost of Dental Education

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Sen. Pete Miller (R-IN) has filed S.B. 270. The bill requires the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, in consultation with the Indiana State Board of Dentistry and the Indiana University School of Dentistry, to study and make recommendations concerning the issue of the high cost of dental education and the high level of debt incurred by an individual attending dental school. The study and recommendations must be completed before November 1, 2014. The bill has been referred to the Health and Provider Services Committee for consideration.

The fiscal note on the bill provided additional comments as follows: According to the 2013-14 tuition fee schedule for the four-year Doctor of Dental Surgeon (DDS) program at Indiana University, the total academic school expenses (tuition, fees, and estimated living allowance) would be approximately $243,000 for an Indiana resident, and approximately $378,000 for a nonresident. In terms of student debt, the lifetime Stafford loan aggregate borrowing limit for DDS students is $224,000.

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