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Department of Education Releases Gainful Employment Disclosure Template

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The U.S. Department of Education (ED) has announced the release of a template, which institutions that offer “gainful employment” programs must use to meet their disclosure responsibilities under regulation 34 CFR 668.6(b). Use of the template will ensure that prospective students have a complete set of information that they can use to compare programs.

Gainful employment regulations apply to allied or advanced dental education programs that terminate with the awarding of a certificate but not a degree. Negotiators in December failed to reach a consensus on proposed gainful employment standards for vocational programs at for-profit institutions and community colleges.

The disclosure template produces an output document that includes all of the required gainful employment disclosures. It also provides compliance with a requirement that disclosures be done in an open manner and ensures that the information will be accessible to individuals with disabilities. The department also released new guidance on how institutions should display links to their disclosures from various pages on their websites.

Institutions were required to use the template to meet their Jan. 31, 2014 disclosure requirements. Additional information and a Quick Start Guide are available here.

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