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Institutional Capacity Building — December 2013

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The ADEA Institutional Capacity Building portfolio presented the ADEA Regional Faculty Development Workshops: Bringing IPE Home, the first in a series of development workshops on interprofessional education (IPE). On December 5–6 in Raleigh, NC, more than 35 dental and allied dental school faculty members gathered to learn and expand awareness for successfully incorporating IPE in their home institutions’ curriculum.

Participants listened to several leaders in the field and also worked together on several exercises. In the “Best Practices/Lessons Learned” session, three faculty members shared the IPE work happening at their institutions: Dr. Janet M. Guthmiller, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry; Dr. Geralyn D. Crain, East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine; and Ms. Christine K. Patel, St. Petersburg College. Not only did participants hear about the exciting IPE work happening at other schools, but they also learned about assessment options since currently there is no approved tool for evaluation.

Groups participated in the “Survey of Health Professions Roles” exercise. All participants were presented with a quiz in regard to the differences among the health professions. Feedback from the exercise was extremely positive because many faculty learned something new about other professions’ scope of practices.

During another exercise, “Ethics and Professionalism,” faculty members developed an understanding and framework of various professions’ ethics statements in hopes that they could better teach their dental students how to appropriately interact in an interprofessional setting throughout their careers. Faculty may help broaden the perspective of students when they enter team-based settings in hopes that they understand how each profession carries its own unique expectations for scope of practice.

After reviewing their “assigned” code of ethics (i.e., medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, physical therapy and chiropractic), participants then partnered with a participant with a different “assigned” profession’s code of ethics. They compared and contrasted differences in each code of ethics. Then to end it, all groups reviewed dental education’s code of ethics. Participants said they found it revealing to see the differences between all the professions and learn more in-depth about how the professions interact with one another.

Upcoming ADEA Regional Faculty Development Workshops will happen April 24–25, 2014 in Chicago and in mid-July in Los Angeles.

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