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Update on the 2014 Legislative Session

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The majority of states will convene for their 2014 regular legislative session in January. State legislatures will address issues such as health care reform, continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), alternative workforce models, regulating cigarettes and e-cigarettes, Medicaid reform, higher education policy and financing issues, and state budgets. To find out when your state legislature will convene, click here.

For additional information on state legislation affecting academic dentistry, please visit the ADEA United States Interactive Legislative Tracking map. The map is updated daily and will allow members to view:
  • The current status of bills,
  • Upcoming hearing dates, and
  • Current bill text and bill author/sponsor information.
Please be advised that on or shortly after January 1, 2014, the ADEA United States Interactive Legislative Tracking map will be refreshed. Meaning, all legislation for the calendar year 2013 session, and the 2012-2013 session will be removed, unless the final governor action has not been completed or the state allows carryover bills (meaning measures that were not final enacted during the last session or year may be carried over to the next session for consideration).  However, newly filed and introduced legislation for the 2014 session will remain on the map. And of course, as new bills relevant to academic dentistry are introduced, the bills will be added to the map.

To use the interactive map, visit

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