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Dental Program Spotlight: Georgia

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The Oral Health Center at Grady Health System’s Infectious Disease Program in Atlanta, Georgia, provides free comprehensive dental care (with the exception of implants and some third molar extractions) for its residents diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The center is primarily funded by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. The Ryan White legislation created a number of programs (called Parts) to meet the needs of different communities and populations affected by HIV/AIDS. The various programs are divided among Parts A-F. Part A provides emergency assistance to eligible metropolitan areas and transitional grant areas that are most severely affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Funds from all Ryan White HIV/AIDS grant programs can support the provision of oral health services. However, two programs specifically focus on funding oral health care for people with HIV and both fall under Part F: the Dental Reimbursement Program (DRP) and the Community-Based Dental Partnership Program (CBDPP).

For FY13 the Oral Health Center at Grady Health System’s Infectious Disease Program in Atlanta, Georgia, received $1,003,500 under Part A to cover salaries, lab costs, and dental supplies. The center will receive an additional $350,000 per year from the Georgia AIDS State grant, a line item in the Georgia state budget, to provide dental care for approximately 2,000 people living with advanced HIV disease.

The staff of the Oral Health Center is made up of five dentists, four dental hygienists and five dental assistants. In addition, four Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residents rotate through the center.

Residents Served:

Below is the demographic data of all patients who obtain care in the Infectious Disease Program. The Oral Health Center’s demographic data closely mirror the population as a whole.

2012 (actual CY12)
Male: 3,825 (72.03%)
Female: 1,464 (27.57%)
Transgender: 21 (0.40%)
Total Served: 5,310
Age #(%) Male #(%) Female
0-<2 yrs: 174 (3.28%) 80 (1.51%)
2-12 yrs: 121 (2.28%) 60 (1.13%)
13-24 yrs: 378 (7.12%) 141 (2.66%)
25-44 yrs: 2,100 (39.54%) 544 (10.24%)
45-64 yrs: 2.416 (45.50%) 598 (11.26%)
>65 yrs: 121 (2.28%) 41 (0.77%)

In 2012, the Oral Health Center served approximately 2,000 patients.(2) To view individual state-level information on the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, click here.

(2) The Center manages patients who live in the 20 county Ryan White Part A metropolitan statistical area (MSA).

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