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Access, Diversity and Inclusion — October 2013

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ADEA has had a long-term commitment to enhancing the diversity of the pipeline to our member schools and programs. Guided by this commitment, the ADEA Access, Diversity, and Inclusion (ADEA ADI) Portfolio supports dental schools and programs in developing diversity policies and practices that are consistent with their parent institutions. ADI is in the process of analyzing how diversity is represented in dental and parent institution websites. This examination will allow us to develop website best practices that can assist in the recruitment of underrepresented minority students.

ADEA ADI is working with the following categories to provide consistency in the approach to the website analysis: institutional characteristics; academics and diversity; structural placement of diversity; student outcomes; programs, services and supports; and contributions and impact.

Upon the completion of this project, ADEA will disseminate knowledge, including best practices, to help dental schools and programs improve diversity messaging. Through reports, presentations and other formats, we hope to provide detailed descriptions of how representative institutions transmit their definition of diversity via their websites.

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