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Welcome to the first edition of the ADEA CCI Liaison Ledger. ADEA is committed to providing ADEA CCI liaisons with the resources they need to be effective change agents at their campuses. One way to do this is to provide, in an efficient and effective manner, the tools and networking resources to enhance professional development across a wide range of skills and topics.

The ADEA CCI Liaison Ledger is designed to provide Liaisons with concise, up-to-date information on new activities, current events, and cutting-edge tools that impact the dental education community. As we fine tune our efforts, we also want Liaisons to submit their own articles to be included in the Ledger. This gives Liaisons and colleagues at their campuses an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other.

In this first edition, we have highlighted some sessions from the 85th ADEA Annual Session, held in Dallas, Texas. There were a record number of attendees at the meeting, including Liaisons from almost every dental school.

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