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February 2009: Interprofessionalism: Integrating Education for Integrated Care

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Interprofessionalism: Integrating Education for Integrated Care

Dr. Eugene L. Anderson, Associate Executive Director and Director, ADEA Center for Educational Policy and Research

The move toward integrated healthcare delivery seems to be well on its way. Community health centers have been models in this regard, with many offering physical, behavioral, and oral health services at one convenient location. Some even offer exercise and cooking classes, support groups, and an arena for social interactions that help their clients become and remain healthy. In the private sector, the adoption of electronic health records may soon allow greater collaboration among providers and a team approach to patient care.

Despite these advances, the various health professions continue to educate their own in separate institutional settings and inkeeping with distinct professional norms. This doesn't make alot of sense when the bulk of their graduates may soon be practicing as part of a team in an interdisciplinary environment.

In recent years the dominant educational model has started to break down. Individuals, whole departments, and entire school shave started reaching across campus and between institutions to form collaborative partnerships that facilitate interprofessional learning. Dental education has the opportunity to take a more active role in these efforts and create learning environments where interprofessional collaboration among students and faculty canthrive.

In our Guest Commentary, Dr. James J. Koelbl shares some observations on all this from his vantage point as Founding Dean of the College of Dental Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences. Interprofessionalism is embedded in the fabric of his university, and he describes approaches that could translate tomany of our institutions. Our visit to the campus of the Universityof Kentucky College of Dentistry showcases a ground breaking collaboration with a college of osteopathic medicine that appreciates the oral systemic connection and the need for integrated care in rural Kentucky. Finally, you'll see an academic dentist making the rounds of UK's Colleges of Medicine and Nursing as we cast the Faculty Spotlight on the work of our colleague Dr. Pamela A. Stein. Recent JDE articles on interprofessionalism and other tools you can use are available under Resources. We hope these will prove valuable in your work to integrate interprofessionalism into the culture and curricula at your home institutions.


Recent Accomplishments

A joint ADEA-Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) Task Force on Predoctoral Dental Education Standards submitted revised Predoctoral Dental Education Accreditation Standards to CODA. On July 31, 2008, CODA approved the circulation of the revised standards. Following a year of public review, the standards will be reviewed again at the Commission meeting in July 2009.



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J Dent Educ. 2008 72: 1231-1237

A Preliminary Survey of Interprofessional Education
Mary E. Rafter, Igor J. Pesun, Michael Herren, Jeffrey C. Linfante, Mina Mina, Christine D. Wu, and Jane P. Casada
J Dent Educ. 2006 70: 417-427

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University of Kentucky College of Dentistry

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