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ADEA Unveils a New State Legislative Tracking Tool

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ADEA recently unveiled an interactive map that provides current information on state legislation of interest to academic dentistry for all 50 states and the District of Columbia (Puerto Rico will be added to the map later this year). The map will allow users to:

  • View the current status of bills,
  • View upcoming hearing dates, and
  • View current bill text and bill author/sponsor information.

For those states whose legislative sessions have adjourned “sine die,” the bills listed have been either signed by the governor or they automatically became law without the governor’s signature. Users will be able to see the effective date of the legislation, unless the bill has been vetoed.

Please be advised, for those states that have not yet adjourned their 2013 Regular Session or are in the midst of a Special Session, users will see bills still before the legislature and will be able to view upcoming hearing dates or floor action as they are scheduled. In addition, for states such as Kentucky and Florida that have begun pre-filing bills for 2014, any applicable pre-filed bills will be displayed. Finally, users should be aware that there are a few states that did not pass any relevant legislation during the last legislative session, and as a result, those state links on the map are inactive.

The information on the map will be automatically updated daily. As new bills relevant to academic dentistry are introduced, the bills will be added to the map. This compilation provides a nationwide perspective on issues of interest—and will serve as a useful new tool for keeping abreast of legislation of interest in your state. To view the new interactive map, click here.

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