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Fall 2013: Interprofessional Education

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Interprofessional Education: Dr. Eugene Anderson, ADEA Chief Policy Officer and Managing Vice President

Guest Perspective: Interprofessional Education: Why Dentistry and Why Now? Dr.Judith A. Buchanan, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

Campus Spotlight: Oregon Health & Science University

Educator Spotlight: Dr.Lillian M. Mitchell, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Ledger Extra: HPV Calls for an Interprofessional Approach, Prof. Jacquelyn L. Fried, University of Maryland School of Dentistry


Interprofessional Education 
Dr. Eugene L. Anderson, ADEA Chief Policy Officer and Managing Vice President

More than a decade has passed since reports from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) first made clear that the health professions had urgent work to do in the areas of quality and safety. These IOM reports proposed better communication and improved collaboration among the health professions as potential remedies for treating America’s healthcare ills.

To fulfill this vision of health professionals working in concert with one another, academic health centers and other schools of the health professions have—at least in principle—embraced the concept of interprofessional education (IPE). Making IPE a reality is still an ongoing process, and some institutions are struggling to break out of the silos that have long defined their professional programs. Those of you who attended this year’s ADEA CCI Summer Liaisons Meeting in Portland, OR, had a front row seat as we shared the ways that ADEA CCI Liaisons are striving to make IPE a reality on their campuses. For those of you who weren’t able to join us, this issue of the ADEA CCI Liaison Ledger offers a taste of those discussions. 

In our Campus Spotlight, we visit an institution that is taking bold steps to implement IPE, the Oregon Health & Science University. Our Educator Spotlight features Dr. Lillian Mitchell, who is collaborating across disciplines to make geriatric dentistry a vehicle for IPE at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. To begin, our Guest Perspective features the views of a leader in the IPE movement, Dr. Judith Buchanan, who gave the keynote address at this year’s ADEA CCI Summer Liaisons Meeting. I hope her words and the activities taking place in Oregon and Alabama will inspire those of you whose institutions are still working to get IPE moving to take the next step forward.

In this issue, we also introduce Ledger Extra, an occasional feature that lets innovators within our community share their ideas with other ADEA members. In this issue, Prof. Jacquelyn Fried urges dental and dental hygiene educators to engage the other health professions in combating oral cancers associated with the human papilloma virus.

We would like to hear how IPE is taking shape on your campus. Please use the new comment feature at the bottom of each blog post to continue the conversation with other ADEA CCI Liaisons.


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Ford CRFoley KTRitchie CS, et al. Creation of an Interprofessional Clinical Experience for Healthcare Professions Trainees in a Nursing Home SettingMed Teach. 2013 Apr 30. [Epub ahead of print]  

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