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Oregon Debates Universal Health Care

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On June 28, the Oregon House of Representatives passed H.B. 3260 by a vote of 37-23. On July 6, the Senate passed the bill by a vote of 20-10. The bill requires the Oregon Health Authority to contract with a third party to study and recommend the best options for financing health care in the state. The bill text outlines factors that the researchers conducting the study should review and consider, such as the costs and benefits of requiring copayments. The bill also specifies criteria for evaluating the options. Finally, the bill requires the Oregon Health Authority to submit a report to the interim health care committees and to the 2015 Regular Session of the Legislative Assembly. However, the bill text also lays out the general intent of the Legislative Assembly. According to the bill, “the Legislative Assembly finds that the best system for the delivery and financing of health care in this state will be the system that…provides universal access to comprehensive care at the appropriate time; integrates physical, dental, vision and mental health care; and provides  seamless  birth-to-death  access  to  care” among other criteria.

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