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Summer 2013: Self-Assessment

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Self-Assessment: Dr. Eugene L. Anderson, ADEA Chief Policy Officer and Managing Vice President

Guest Perspective: The Dangerous Pursuit of “Independence”—Reflections on Self-Assessment in the Health Professions, Dr. Glenn Regehr, University of British Columbia

Campus Spotlight: University of Oklahoma

Educator Spotlight: Dr. Diane Hoelscher, University of Detroit Mercy


Dr. Eugene L. Anderson, ADEA Chief Policy Officer and Managing Vice President

In this issue of the ADEA CCI Liaison Ledger, we conclude a year-long effort to showcase programs and policies that our institutions can emulate as they endeavor to meet the new predoctoral education standards issued by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). This time, we focus on the requirement that “graduates must demonstrate the ability to self-assess, including the development of professional competencies and the demonstration of professional values and capacities associated with self-directed, lifelong learning.”

Schools have found a variety of ways of engaging students in assessing their own performance, but few would argue that self-assessment provides a reliable measure of student performance. For that matter, no assessment methodology succeeds at getting a handle on student performance all the time. Is it any wonder that when students assess themselves, the precise nature of their performance can be even harder to grasp? That said, many educators believe that the process of self-assessment brings substantial rewards.

In our Campus Spotlight, we visit the University of Oklahoma, where the dental hygiene faculty has integrated self-assessment throughout the curriculum. In our Educator Spotlight, we meet an early adopter of self-assessment, Dr. Diane Hoelscher, who has played a central role in its use at the University of Detroit Mercy. We also hear from the University of British Columbia’s Dr. Glenn Regehr, who contributed this issue’s Guest Perspective. Those of you who attended last year’s ADEA CCI Summer 2012 Liaisons Meeting will no doubt remember his provocative address, which asked health professions educators to reexamine—in light of recent research—how and why they employ self-assessment.

We would like to hear what you think. Please use our new comment feature on each blog post to share your thoughts with other ADEA CCI Liaisons. You can also do so in person this June at our ADEA CCI 2013 Summer Liaisons Meeting in Portland, Oregon. I hope to see many of you there.


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