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Guest Perspective: Why Teaching Ethics and Professionalism Is Not Enough

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An environmental scan of dental education programs would identify a number of activities that emphasize integrity, professionalism and ethically based decision-making and patient care. As students graduate and join the ranks of their esteemed profession, they may again be reminded of their responsibility to continue to honor their obligations. 

Guest Perspective: Exploring the Cultural Evolution

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Before assuming my current responsibilities eight months ago, I served as the cultural competency instructor at a dental school. In that role, I found that helping students learn about culture is often fraught with resistance. Faculty members are often frustrated as well, and who can blame them. Not only is the term “culture” defined in various ways, but we have yet to develop an empirical way to assess whether or not a student is culturally competent.  

Interprofessional Education: Why Dentistry and Why Now?

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Interprofessional education (IPE) for health professionals has been around since the early ‘70s, but interest in IPE has escalated tremendously in the last three to four years, and leaders in dental education have championed this movement. Nevertheless, conversations with colleagues around the country make clear that many of us in dental education are still not entirely sure what constitutes IPE. 

The Dangerous Pursuit of “Independence”—Reflections on Self-Assessment in the Health Professions

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How can educators help students learn to welcome corrective feedback from others and even seek it out? Ironically, self-assessment may provide a key.

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