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Guest Perspective: Learning About Collaboration in Dentistry as a Nurse, IPE Educator and Consumer

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I am a nurse, so why am I writing a commentary for the ADEA CCI Liaison Ledger? As a nurse, an IPE educator AND a consumer, I have come to understand some of the links between dental issues and general health, and the collaborative role dentistry can play in prevention and treatment.

Guest Perspective: All the World’s a Stage

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Shakespeare’s lines from As You Like It have resonated with me during my presidency of the ADEE. I have delivered lectures to many meetings of the major national dental education societies around the world. I have met and talked with the presidents of these societies, and I have also had the privilege of meeting with younger faculty. They are eager to share best practices and look at how the same subject can be delivered in a different format whilst achieving the same learning outcomes. 

Guest Perspective: Cultural Competency: A Top Priority for 21st Century Faculty Development

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The importance of cultural competency in health care delivery and the rationale for emphasizing cultural competency in educational programs for future oral health professionals are well established. So are approaches for incorporating cultural competency education in dental education curricula. But a related issue—developing cultural competency among dental school faculty—has often been neglected.

Guest Perspective: Preparing Future Dental Care Providers to Treat Patients from Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds: Six Suggestions

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When Dr. David Satcher the 16th Surgeon General of the United States, published the first ever U.S. Surgeon General’s report on oral health in 2000, the message was loud and clear: Certain segments of the U.S. population were more likely than the rest of the U.S. population to have poor oral health and to face challenges with access to oral health services. However, Dr. Satcher’s report was a wake-up call that made it clear that concerted efforts were needed.

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