ADEA State Update

Kentucky Community College Announces Community Dental Health Coordinator Program

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Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) signed a letter of intent Oct. 26 announcing the school’s new certificate program to train Community Dental Health Coordinators (CDHCs). CDHC training focuses on community outreach, coordination of care, educational and social interventions

ADEA is Accepting Requests for Advocacy Workshops

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ADEA’s Advocacy and Governmental Relations portfolio is offering its ADEA Advocacy Workshop series to ADEA members.

Maine Files Bill to Increase College Affordability and the Rate of Degree Completion

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Senate President Justin L. Alfond (D-ME) has sponsored LD 1703 (SP 668), along with more than 50 co-sponsors. Although no formal bill text has been released, the concept draft summary states that the bill would implement a comprehensive strategy to keep the cost of public postsecondary education in the state affordable, thereby increasing the graduation rate from state public institutions of higher education. 

New Mexico Pre-Files a Bill to Increase the Number of Dental Students

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On December 17, Sen. Michael Padilla (D-NM) pre-filed S.B. 15. The bill appropriates $400,000 from the general fund to the Higher Education Department for expenditure in FY15 to increase the number of dental students who may participate in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) program.

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