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Campus Spotlight: University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry

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What would you do if confronted with a case of oral gonorrhea in a seven-year-old child? Dr. Chris Ivanoff met with this horrific reality just three weeks out of dental school, and he was ill-prepared for the encounter. Three decades later, he has partnered with his Dean, Dr. Timothy Hottel, to devise a curriculum that provides dental students at UTHSC COD with comprehensive training for recognizing suspected child abuse and neglect.

Campus Spotlight: University of Florida

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If there were a race to implement interprofessional education (IPE), the University of Florida (UF) would no doubt be found near the front of the pack. For 20 years, the school has been building its program from the ground up and accumulating a wealth of knowledge about implementation.

Campus Spotlight: University of Dammam College of Dentistry

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The impact of globalization is clearly visible in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Saudi dental educators are looking 
abroad for inspiration in designing a contemporary dental school curriculum.Although few ADEA members have firsthand 
knowledge of the Kingdom, Saudi dental educators are well acquainted with dental education on our shores as many have 
received their advanced degrees at our institutions.

Campus Spotlight: Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

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“We all have a ‘cultural lens’ through which we view the world. A lot of what we perceive as culture starts at infancy. It comes from the people who raise us.” This is the assessment of Rosa Chaviano-Moran, D.M.D. Over the years, the Assistant Dean of Student Admissions and Recruitment at the RSDM has worked with colleagues to develop cultural competency training for dental students, faculty and practicing dentists.

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