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ADEA Access, Diversity and Inclusion—August 2014

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On July 29, ADEA kicked off a monthly Leading Conversations webinar series, entitled “Lean In: A New Era for Women Leaders”. Led by ADEA’s Access, Diversity and Inclusion (ADEA ADI) portfolio, last month’s speakers included Dr. Kathryn Atchison, Professor in the UCLA School of Dentistry and School of Public Health, and Dr. Theresa Dolan,... Click Here To Read More

ADEA Advocacy and Government Relations—August 2014

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August 5th marked the 17th anniversary of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Former President Bill Clinton signed CHIP into law... Click Here To Read More

ADEA Educational Research and Analysis—August 2014

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This month ADEA Educational Research and Analysis portfolio released the results of the Annual ADEA Survey of Dental School Seniors: 2013 Graduating Class in the August issue of the Journal of Dental Education. The annual survey... Click Here To Read More

ADEA Institutional Capacity Building—August 2014

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ADEA Institutional Capacity Building portfolio led the third ADEA Regional Faculty Development Workshop on interprofessional education (IPE) and the second ADEA Allied Dental Regional Accreditation Workshop in Los Angeles, July 21–22.

Attendance for the Allied Dental Regional Accreditation Workshop included 50 participants,... Click Here To Read More

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