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Winter 2012: Evidence-Based Dentistry, Part 2

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Evidence-Based Dentistry: Dr. Eugene L. Anderson, Chief Policy Officer and Managing Vice President, ADEA Policy Center
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Teaching Evidence-Based Dentistry to Clinical Faculty

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By Dr. Robert J. Hinton, Baylor College of Dentistry 

Within the last five to ten years, the incorporation of the best available evidence into the treatment decision has gained considerable visibility and momentum in the dental community. This is reflected in an increasing emphasis on evidence-based dentistry (EBD) at the American... Click Here To Read More

Campus Spotlight: University of Iowa College of Dentistry

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By Nicole Fauteux

What do you do when your dental school trains its students in evidence-based practice, then releases them into a practice environment where senior clinicians are unfamiliar with the concept or maybe even a little intimidated by it? You just might devise a continuing education (CE) course to bring practicing... Click Here To Read More

Educator Spotlight: Dr. Gary L. Stafford, Marquette University School of Dentistry

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Leave it to an ADEA CCI Liaison to find an ingenious way of engaging part-time faculty in evidence-based decision-making—a way so ingenious, in fact, that it also speeds curricular change, streamlines improvements in the clinic,... Click Here To Read More

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