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Summer 2011: Team-Based Learning™

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Team-Based Learning™
Guest Perspective: Dr. Dean Parmelee, Wright State University
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'Team-Based Learning': A Strategy to Enhance Active Learning

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By Dean Parmelee, M.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University

First, a short survey. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  • Students should always come to class prepared.
  • Students can learn much from one another, often more than what I... Click Here To Read More

Campus Spotlight: Tulane University School of Medicine

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In our November 2009 issue, we looked at how problem-based learning was transforming the way dentistry is taught on some of our campuses. Can Team-Based Learning"™ (TBL) play a similar role?  Dozens of health professions campuses offer models to explore. We decided to... Click Here To Read More

Educator Spotlight: Dr. Frank A. Scannapieco

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If you attended the 2009 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona, you may remember a Presidential Symposium held on Team-Based Learning" (TBL). The presenter readily admitted that prior to adopting TBL, half his students did not attend class,... Click Here To Read More

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