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Portland, Oregon Voters Reject Community Water Fluoridation

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As you recall, the Portland, Oregon City Council met September 12 and approved an ordinance to add fluoride to... Click Here To Read More

California Debates Community College Tuition

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A.B. 955, sponsored by Assemblymember Das Williams (D-CA), passed the full Assembly on May 20 by a vote of 50-16, was sent to the Senate, and has been referred to committee. The bill authorizes... Click Here To Read More

June 2013 State Policy Updates

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On May 24, the California Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee voted (see PDF, page 4) 14-0 to restore dental benefits for 3 million adult Medi-Cal recipients ($131... Click Here To Read More

State Spotlight: West Virginia

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West Virginia Statistics:

  • Population in 2012: 1.8 million
  • Rural state with many small towns. Largest city is the capital, Charleston, WV. Population in 2012: 51,371.
  • Median household income: $39,550 (U.S. median household income: $52,762).
  • Approximately 850 practicing dentists are located
... Click Here To Read More

June 2013 Reports of Interest

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The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released a draft statement recommending that primary care clinicians prescribe oral fluoride supplementation starting at 6 months of age for children whose water supply... Click Here To Read More

Apply—ADEA/Sunstar Americas, Inc./Jack Bresch Student Legislative Internship

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The ADEA/Sunstar Americas, Inc./Jack Bresch Student Legislative Internship is a six-week, stipend-supported internship in the Advocacy and Governmental Relations portfolio of the ADEA Policy Center (ADEA AGR) in Washington, D.C. This student legislative internship provides a unique learning experience for predoctoral,... Click Here To Read More

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