ADEA State Update

Medicaid and Affordable Care Act Update

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Idaho and the Battle Over the ACA Continues

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma sent an enforcement letter to the state of Idaho informing Governor Butch... Click Here To Read More

State Licensing Update

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Alaska is considering a bill (HB 268) that would allow the state Dental Board to apply sanctions, including suspension, denial and revocation, to any licensee failing to properly inform patients about opioids. Dentists would be required to orally provide the patient... Click Here To Read More

Update on Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene

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In the last month, bills establishing and regulating the practice of dental therapy have been introduced and are awaiting committee action in Kansas, Massachusetts, Washington and Wisconsin.

Indiana is considering HB 1116, which would allow a dental hygienist to... Click Here To Read More

State Highlight: What is Happening in Minnesota

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Minnesota is considering SF 3252, providing for county-based purchasing of health care, including dental check-ups, with the goal of improving access, health infrastructure and local... Click Here To Read More

Update on Telehealth

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Telehealth is continuing to become a branch of health care on the same regulatory footing as traditional in-person care. Recently, states have moved to insert telehealth into their health care regulations, Medicaid directives and licensing board guidelines. It is largely being framed in terms of “distance sites” (the location of... Click Here To Read More

States Are Taking Action On The Opioid Epidemic

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AB 2486 would require drug manufacturers contracting with the Medi-Cal program to provide a state rebate of $0.01 per milligram of active opioid ingredients prescribed under the contract. The collected... Click Here To Read More

Spotlight on the States: Dental Therapy Bills Gain Traction From Coast-to-Coast

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SB 1377, a bill establishing the role of licensed dental therapist, has passed the full Senate and has been sent to the House for further consideration. ... Click Here To Read More

Governors Release FY19 Budget Proposals

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Most governors’ budget proposals for FY19 have called for another year of slow spending growth, with a few governors proposing declines in general fund spending. 

As has been the case most years since the last recession, many governors are targeting the largest amount of new spending to elementary and secondary education.... Click Here To Read More

Legislatures Discuss Creating a State Individual Mandate

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Although the individual mandate within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was repealed as part of the tax reform bill recently signed into law by President Trump, at least nine states are taking the issue into their own hands. State lawmakers in California, Connecticut,... Click Here To Read More

States Refocus Their Attention on College Campus Gun Laws and Keeping Students Safe

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On Feb. 22, Gov. Dan Malloy (D-CT) announced the formation of the new “States for Gun Safety” coalition to combat gun violence. 

Governors from New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island joined the coalition initially, and on Feb. 26, the coalition expanded to include Massachusetts, Delaware and Puerto Rico. ... Click Here To Read More

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