ADEA State Update

2016 State and Local Ballot Measure Results

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On Nov. 8, voters in 35 states decided approximately 157 statewide ballot measures, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Seventy-six of this year’s ballot measures were initiatives—measures put... Click Here To Read More

The Future of Medicaid and CHIP Under a New Administration

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Medicaid beneficiaries could be at risk of losing health coverage if President-elect Donald J. Trump and a Republican-controlled House and Senate follow through on their promises to cut Medicaid spending and transform the state-federal... Click Here To Read More

The Definition of Active State Supervision Comes Under Fire

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Teladoc Inc. is a health services company providing access to state-licensed physicians through telecommunications technology, usually for less than the cost of a visit to a physician’s office or urgent care center. Teladoc has... Click Here To Read More

Michigan Legislature Considers Dental Therapy

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On Sept. 20, the Michigan Senate Committee on Health Policy held a public hearing on SB 1013, a bill to provide for the licensure of dental therapists. The bill sponsor, Sen. Mike... Click Here To Read More

Indiana Health Committee Meets to Discuss Dental Loan Repayment Programs

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The Indiana Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health, and Human Services met on Sept. 20 to discuss forgiveness of student loans for dentists and dental... Click Here To Read More

Indian Health Service Board Certifies Dental and Community Health Service Aides

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Recently, the Community Health Aide Program Certification Board, a federally authorized organization managed by the U.S. government’s Alaska Area Native Health Service in partnership with tribal health organization representatives, ... Click Here To Read More

Health Professions Schools in Pennsylvania Asked to Help Curb Opioid Crisis

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On Sept. 28, Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) addressed a joint session of the General Assembly to outline his plan to combat the opioid and heroin crisis facing... Click Here To Read More

Missouri Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto on Medicaid Fees and Penalties

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On July 5, Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO) vetoed SB 608. On Sept. 14, the House and Senate of the Missouri General Assembly voted to override the governor’s veto. ... Click Here To Read More

Report Released on States’ Share of Medicaid

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A report released by Pew Charitable Trusts shows that the share of states’ own money spent on Medicaid health... Click Here To Read More

U.S. Court of Appeals in Ohio Rules on Dental Specialties and Advertising

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On Aug. 5, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled in Kiser v. Kamdar, et al., finding that the district court improperly dismissed a... Click Here To Read More

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