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Guest Editorial

Can Technology Improve Teaching of Public Health and Social/Behavioral Sciences?
Chester W. Douglass

Use of Technology in Dental Education

Randomized Trial of Two e-Learning Programs for Oral Health Students on Secondary Prevention of Eating Disorders
Rita D. DeBate, Herbert H. Severson, Deborah Cragun, Jennifer Bleck, Jeff Gau, Laura Merrell, Carley Cantwell, Steve Christiansen, Anne Koerber, Scott L. Tomar, Kelli McCormack Brown, Lisa A. Tedesco, William Hendricson, Mark Taris

An Online Alcohol and Oral Health Curriculum for Dental Students
Peter M. Miller, Michele C. Ravenel, Mary P. Mauldin, Stanley Sulkowski, Arden Lowndes, Suzanne E. Thomas

Student Learning Outcomes Associated with Video vs. Paper Cases in a Public Health Dentistry Course
Donald L. Chi, Jacqueline E. Pickrell, Christine A. Riedy

Integrating Tobacco Dependence Counseling into Electronic Dental Records: A Multi-Method Approach
William A. Rush, Titus K.L. Schleyer, Michael Kirshner, Raymond Boyle, Merry Jo Thoele, P.A. Lenton, Steve Asche, Thankam Thyvalikakath, Heiko Spallek, Emily C. Durand, Chris J. Enstad, Charles L. Huntley, D. Brad Rindal

Reliability of CAD CAM Technology in Assessing Crown Preparations in a Preclinical Dental School Environment
Richard S. Callan, John S. Blalock, Jeril R. Cooper, John F. Coleman, Stephen W. Looney

Temporally Contiguous Pencast Instruction Promotes Meaningful Learning for Dental and Dental Hygiene Students in Physiology
Darren M. Roesch

Predoctoral Dental Education

Dental Students’ Attitudes Toward Tobacco Cessation Counseling
Patrick L. Anders, Elaine L. Davis, W.D. McCall Jr.

Educating Dental Students About Diet-Related Behavior Change: Does Experiential Learning Work?
George W. Taylor, Madelyn L. Stumpos, Wendy Kerschbaum, Marita Rohr Inglehart

Tobacco Cessation Training Among Dental and Other Health Professions Students in Eight Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Israel T. Agaku, Olalekan A. Ayo-Yusuf, Gregory N. Connolly

Using Peer-Assisted Learning and Role-Playing to Teach Generic Skills to Dental Students: The Health Care Simulation Model
Maha M.A. El Tantawi, Hytham Abdelaziz, Amira S. AbdelRaheem, Ahmed A. Mahrous

Review Article

Problem-Based Learning in Dental Education: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Seyed Hossein Bassir, Pooyan Sadr-Eshkevari, Shaden Amirikhorheh, Nadeem Y. Karimbux

Community-Based Dental Education

Association Between Dentists’ Participation in Charitable Care and Community-Based Dental Education
Michelle R. McQuistan, Asana Mohamad, Raymond A. Kuthy

Community-Based Dental Education and Dentists’ Attitudes and Behavior Concerning Patients from Underserved Populations
Ashok K. Rohra, Wilhelm A. Piskorowski, Marita R. Inglehart

Allied Dental Education

Attitudes Towards Students Who Plagiarize: A Dental Hygiene Faculty Perspective
Hemali G. Patel, Kathleen B. Muzzin, Janice P. DeWald, Patricia R. Campbell, Peter H. Buschang

Infant and Toddler Oral Health: Attitudes and Practice Behaviors of North Carolina Dental Hygienists
Viviana R. Ruiz, Rocio B. Quinonez, Rebecca S. Wilder, Ceib Phillips

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