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Fourth ADEA International Women's Leadership Conference Works to Improve Oral Health Globally

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"Sunset over Salvador," by edsonbassani on Flickr (Creative Commons)Dental student enrollment in the United States is now 44% women; 75% of practicing dentists in Finland are women; and women comprise 48% of the dental workforce in Russia. With increased numbers of women in the dental profession, it is imperative that women be considered as vital intellectual capacity for the future. The Fourth ADEA International Women's Leadership Conference (Fourth ADEA IWLC) will work to deliver leadership strategies that women can use to improve oral health and overall health in communities globally.

The conference is from September 5 to 8 and will be held at the Pestana Bahia Hotel in Salvador, Brazil. It provides an outstanding opportunity for the presentation and discussion of issues in education, research, and women's health. If you would like to be a part of this important event, you must have an ADEA username and password or create one to register. Registration is only available online. If you have your ADEA credentials, you may proceed to the online registration form. If you forgot your username and/or password, click here. Visit the conference event page for a preliminary meeting agenda, travel information, helpful phrases, and visa and entry requirements from the Brazilian Embassy.

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