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DQA Releases 2013 Conference Compendium as Educational Resource

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The Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) is pleased to announce the availability of its 2013 Conference Compendium:  Improving Quality Through Measurement. This compendium is an educational resource of 11 peer-reviewed, well-referenced articles written by the speakers who presented at a two-day DQA conference in Chicago in June 2013. The purpose of the compendium is to enable a broader reach of the wealth of information from quality improvement experts to interested individuals, associations, and other stakeholders.  The conference consisted of two days of plenary presentations and facilitated breakout discussions addressing questions such as:  What is “quality”?  Why is quality important? How is performance measured? How does the quality movement affect dentistry, oral healthcare, or oral health? These questions and many more are addressed in greater depth within this resource accessible on the DQA’s website.

The DQA, formed by the American Dental Association at the request from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is comprised of multiple and varied stakeholder member organizations from across the oral health community who are committed to quality improvement in oral healthcare and the promotion of appropriate, evidence-based performance measures. The American Dental Education Association is a founding member of the Alliance. For more information on the DQA, please visit the website

If you have any questions or need further information regarding the DQA’s 2013 Conference, please contact Krishna Aravamudhan at aravamudhank@ada.org

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