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Editor’s Note

From Digital Native to Health Care Professional: Concerns and Challenges

Use of Technology in Dental Education

Use of Social Media by Dental Educators
M.R. Arnett, J.M. Loewen, L.M. Romito

Comparison of E-Mail Communication Skills among First- and Fourth-Year Dental Students
Marnie Oakley, Zsuzsa Horvath, Seth M. Weinberg, Jaya Bhatt, Heiko Spallek

Examination of Social Networking Professionalism among Dental and Dental Hygiene Students
Rachel K. Henry, Amy Molnar

Use of Lecture Recordings in Dental Education: Assessment of Status Quo and Recommendations
Zsuzsa Horvath, Jean A. O’Donnell, Lynn A. Johnson, Nadeem Y. Karimbux, Charles F. Shuler, Heiko Spallek

A Complex Haptic Exercise to Predict Preclinical Operative Dentistry Performance: A Retrospective Study
Alice Urbankova, Miroslav Eber, Steven P. Engebretson

Integrating Photo-Stimulable Phosphor Plates into Dental and Dental Hygiene Radiography Curricula
Cara L. Tax, Christine L. Robb, Martha G.S. Brillant, Heather J. Doucette

Interprofessional Education

Prenatal Oral Health Education in U.S. Dental Schools and Obstetrics and Gynecology Residencies
Megan H. Weeks, Hugh J. Silk, Judith A. Savageau

Allied Dental Education

U.S. Dental School Deans’ Attitudes about Mid-Level Providers
Mert N. Aksu, Elizabeth Phillips, H. Luke Shaefer

Predoctoral Dental Education

Dental Students’ and Faculty Members’ Concepts and Emotions Associated with a Caries Risk Assessment Program
Gerardo Maupome, O. Isyutina

Sources of Stress in Canadian Dental Students: A Prospective Mixed Methods Study
Hawazin W. Elani, Christophe Bedos, Paul J. Allison

An Innovative Method for Teaching Anatomy in the Predoctoral Dental Curriculum
Eric W. Baker, Phyllis A. Slott, Louis Terracio, Elena P. Cunningham

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders in Oral Health
Elsbeth Kalenderian, Russell S. Taichman, Angelique Skoulas, Nader Nadershahi, Kristin Z. Victoroff

Caregivers’ Satisfaction with Pediatric Dental Care in a University Clinical Setting in North Philadelphia
Marisol Tellez, Sundeep Kaur

Education for Foreign-Trained Dentists in the United States: Currently Available Findings and Need for Further Research
Veerinder Pannu, Ana L. Thompson, Darshanjit S. Pannu, Marie A. Collins

Global Dental Education

Disciplinary Competitiveness Analysis in International Stomatology Education
Ping Wen, Xiao Hong, Lu Zhu, Linglin Zhang, Xuekui Gu, Zhihua Gao, Qianming Chen

Learning Effectiveness in Passively Versus Actively Controlling 3D Materials: A Study of Dental Students at Wuhan University, China
Shengcai Qi, Yanhong Yan, Rong Li, Jian Hu

Perception of Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Brazilian Dental Students
Patrícia Petromilli Nordi Sasso Garcia, Cristina Dupim Presoto, Juliana Alvares Duarte Bonini Campos

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