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Journal of Dental Education Preview - November 2011

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Journal of Dental Education, November 2011 

 Educational Methodologies 

A Case Completion Curriculum for Clinical Dental Education: Replacing Numerical Requirements with Patient-Based Comprehensive Care
Sang E. Park, Peggy Timothé, Romesh Nalliah, Nadeem Y. Karimbux, T. Howard Howell

Testing the Educational Potential of 3D Visualization Software in Oral Radiographic Interpretation
Julijana Vuchkova, Terrence S. Maybury, Camile S. Farah

An Innovative HIV Training Program for Dental Students
Thomas C. Rogers, Periza Zaninovic, Yashashri R. Urankar, Zuhair S. Natto, Rodney L. Turner, Gerardo A. Toledo, Graciela G. Duran, James R. Trott

Dental Students’ Attitudes Toward the Design of a Computer-Based Treatment Planning Tool
Lea Foster, Kathy Knox, Andrea Rung, Nikos Mattheos

Faculty Impressions of Dental Students’ Performance With and Without Virtual Reality Simulation
Riki Gottlieb, Sharon K. Lanning, John C. Gunsolley, Judith A. Buchanan

Intraoral Cameras as a Computer-Aided Diagnosis Tool for Root Canal Orifices
Dan Dominik Brüllmann, Catharina I.D. Weichert, Monika Daubländer

 Critical Issues in Dental Education 

A Survey of U.S. Dental School Programs That Help Students Consider Academic Careers
Maureen McAndrew, W. David Brunson, Karanjit Kamboj

Beginning the Socialization to a New Workforce Model: Dental Students’ Preliminary Knowledge of and Attitudes About the Role of the Dental Therapist
Christine Blue, Robert Phillips, David Born, Naty Lopez

 Milieu in Dental School and Practice 

Differences Between ADEA Annual Session Poster Abstracts and Their Corresponding Full Published Articles
Judy Chia-Chun Yuan, Maria Therese S. Galang, Damian J. Lee, Valentim A.R. Barao, Nodesh Shyamsunder, Cortino Sukotjo

 International Dental Education 

The Impact of Service-Learning on Two Groups of South African Dental Students
Ahmed Bhayat, Glynnis Vergotine, Veerasamy Yengopal, Michael J. Rudolph

Attitudes of Iranian Dental Students Toward Their Future Careers: An Exploratory Study
Maryam Baharvand, Elnaz Jalali Moghaddam, Hamidreza Pouretemad, Kaveh Alavi

Creating an Effective PBL Case in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at a Chinese Dental School: A Dental Education Primer
Jia Wei Zheng, Shan Yong Zhang, Chi Yang, Zhi Yuan Zhang, Guo Fang Shen

Effectiveness of a Five-Step Method for Teaching Clinical Skills to Students in a Dental College in India
Mandeep S. Virdi, Meenakshi Sood

Greece’s High Dentist to Population Ratio: Comparisons, Causes, and Effects
Haroula Koletsi-Kounari, William Papaioannou, Theodoros Stefaniotis

 Book Review 

Review of Dental Practice: Get in the Game, Michael Okuji, ed.
Mark Scarbecz, David C. Redmond

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