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The Journal of Dental Education, August 2011

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The Journal of Dental Education, Vol. 75 No. 8, August 2011Milieu in Dental School and Practice 

Substance Use and Dependence Education in Predoctoral Dental Curricula: Results of a Survey of U.S. and Canadian Dental Schools

Kathryn N. Huggett, Gary H. Westerman, Eugene J. Barone, Amanda S. Lofgreen

Dental Students and Intimate Partner Violence: Measuring Knowledge and Experience to Institute Curricular Change

Pamela D. Connor, Simonne S. Nouer, SeeTrail N. Mackey, Megan S. Banet, Nathan G. Tipton

Dental Students’ Attitudes Toward Underserved Populations Across Four Years of Dental School

Mina Habibian, Hazem Seirawan, Roseann Mulligan

Dental Hygienists’ Perceptions of Barriers to Graduate Education

Linda D. Boyd, Angela Bailey

Development of a Sustainable Community-Based Dental Education Program

Wilhelm A. Piskorowski, Mark Fitzgerald, Jerry Mastey, Rachel E. Krell

From the Students’ Corner 

Assessing the Demand and Preferred Format of a Student Leadership Development Program at Pacific

Daniel A. Hammer, Nader A. Nadershahi


Advantages of the Dental Practice-Based Research Network Initiative and Its Role in Dental Education

Frederick A. Curro, Ashley C. Grill, Van P. Thompson, Ronald G. Craig, Don Vena, Analia V. Keenan, Frederick Naftolin

Educational Methodologies 

Student Self-Assessment in Dental Hygiene Education: A Cornerstone of Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Michelle R. Mould, Kimberly Krust Bray, Cynthia C. Gadbury-Amyot

Use of Questioning During Lectures in a Dental Hygiene Didactic Course

Heather M. Hessheimer, Ellen J. Rogo, Bernadette Howlett

Does Teaching Method Affect Students’ Perceptions Regarding Communication Patterns in Pediatric Dentistry? A Comparison of Lecture and Video Methods

Matthias Kalwitzki, Christina Meller, Christine Beyer

Comparing Student-Generated Learning Needs with Faculty Objectives in PBL Cases in Dental Education

Nora Haghparast, Masakazu Okubo, Reyes Enciso, Glenn T. Clark, Charles Shuler

International Dental Education 

Foreign-Trained Dentists’ Perceived Knowledge and Skills After Graduation from a Structured Two-Year Program

Stanley Kogon, David W. Banting, Harinder Sandhu

Psychological Stress Among Dental Students at the University of Jordan

Suha B. Abu-Ghazaleh, Lamis D. Rajab, Hawazen N. Sonbol

Treating Patients with HIV and Hepatitis B and C Infections: Croatian Dental Students’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Risk Perceptions

Vlaho Brailo, Ivica Pelivan, Josip Škariˇci´c, Marko Vuleti´c, Nikša Dulˇci´c, Gordana Cerjan-Letica

Turkish Dental Students’ and Dentists’ Ability to Assess Gingival Health Status with DAAGS Software

Melike Camgoz, Cem A. Gurgan, Murat Akkaya

Association Report 

U.S. Dental School Applicants and Enrollees, 2009 Entering Class

Gloria González, Eugene Anderson, Karen F. Novak, Richard W. Valachovic

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