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Call for Nominations for ADEA President-elect [July 2011]

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All ADEA members are invited to nominate candidates for the Association’s 2012-13 President-elect. The ADEA Nominating Committee consists of the ADEA Immediate Past President, Dr. Sandra C. Andrieu, and the seven ADEA Vice Presidents.

The nominations process is as follows:

  • A call for nominations is placed in the Bulletin of Dental Education and the Journal of Dental Education.
  • All members are invited to nominate as many individuals as they wish, including themselves.
  • The ADEA Council Administrative Boards are also invited to nominate candidates; however, these boards will not be informed of the identity of the other candidates. In order to maintain confidentiality, only the ADEA Nominating Committee and ADEA Executive Director will have knowledge of the identity of the names of persons nominated through this process.
  • In addition to receiving nominations, the ADEA Nominating Committee may actively seek qualified candidates.
  • Each nominee should submit a one-page biographical statement and a separate head-and-shoulders photograph by the deadline of November 1, 2011.
  • Between November 1 and December 31, 2011, the ADEA Nominating Committee will meet to recommend one or more candidates to stand for election.
  • Delegates to the 2012 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, will vote with secret ballots during the course of the Annual Session, and the 2012-13 ADEA President-elect will be announced at the Closing Session of the ADEA House of Delegates.

Nominations, with a one-page biographical statement and a separate head-and-shoulders photograph, should be mailed in confidence to Dr. Richard W. Valachovic, Executive Director, Attn: Nominating Committee, ADEA, 1400 K Street NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC, 20005.

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