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Journal of Dental Education; Volume 75, Number 6Volume 75, Number 6/June 2011

Critical Issues in Dental Education
Evaluating Postdoctoral Dental Candidates: Assessing the Need and Recommendations for a National Qualifying Examination—Abby J. Brodie, Heidi C. Crow, Robert M. Eber, Robert Handysides, Roy Holexa, Sudarat Kiat-amnuay, Heiko Spallek

Perceptions of Predoctoral Dental Education and Practice Patterns in Special Care Dentistry—Elisa M. Chávez, Paul E. Subar, Jeffrey Miles, Allen Wong, Eugene E. LaBarre, Paul Glassman

Milieu in Dental School and Practice
Teledentistry-Assisted, Affiliated Practice for Dental Hygienists: An Innovative Oral Health Workforce Model—Fred F. Summerfelt

Situational Judgment Tests as a New Tool for Dental Student Selection—Tine Buyse, Filip Lievens

Dental Student Perceptions of Predoctoral Implant Education and Plans for Providing Implant Treatment—Judy Chia-Chun Yuan, Linda M. Kaste, Damian J. Lee, Rand F. Harlow, Kent L. Knoernschild, Stephen D. Campbell, Cortino Sukotjo

Physical Fitness Course in the Dental Curriculum and Prevention of Low Back Pain—Kristina Peros, Marin Vodanovic, Senka Mestrovic, Kata Rosin-Grget, Maja Valic

Application Data as an Indicator for Post-Katrina Recovery of LSU Postdoctoral Dental Programs—Paul C. Armbruster, Elizabeth A. Strother, Richard W. Ballard, Joseph L. Hagan

Educational Methodologies
Effectiveness of Web-Based Teaching Modules: Test-Enhanced Learning in Dental Education—Tate H. Jackson, Wallace H. Hannum, Lorne Koroluk, William R. Proffit

A Medical Crisis Management Simulation Activity for Pediatric Dental Residents and Assistants—Gee Mei Tan

Preliminary Development and Evaluation of Online Tobacco and Alcohol Modules for Dental Students—Peter M. Miller, Paul W. Heideman, Michele C. Ravenel, John G. Spangler, Mary P. Mauldin, Elizabeth G. Hill, Georgiana Onicescu

Teaching Clinically Relevant Dental Anatomy in the Dental Curriculum: Description and Assessment of an Innovative Module—Ales Obrez, Charlotte Briggs, James Buckman, Loren Goldstein, Courtney Lamb, William G. Knight

Student Tutors for Problem-Based Learning in Dental Hygiene: A Study of Tutor Actions—Tricia Moore, Daniel L. Kain

Comparative Use of Podcasts vs. Lecture Transcripts as Learning Aids for Dental Students—Kenneth L. Allen, Ralph V. Katz

Development and Evaluation of an Interactive Dental Video Game to Teach Dentin Bonding—Rafat S. Amer, Gerald E. Denehy, Deborah S. Cobb, Deborah V. Dawson, Marsha A. Cunningham-Ford, Cathia Bergeron

Faculty Development
Improving Tobacco Dependence Education Among the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Faculty—Margie R. Arnett, Nadim Z. Baba

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