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Upcoming ADEA/AAL Institute for Allied Health Educators Program: Advances in Educational Methods [May 2011]

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After the success of January’s ADEA/AAL Institute for Allied Health Educators online program, ADEA again is partnering with the Academy for Academic Leadership to present another ADEA/AAL IAHE distance learning program in June: Advances in Educational Methods for Allied Health Educators. This program—like the others in the ADEA/AAL IAHE series—is an independent, standalone course. The ADEA/AAL IAHE programs can be taken in any order and alumni of one program will receive a tuition discount for the other programs in the series.

ADEA/AAL IAHE is customized for full-time and part-time faculty of dental hygiene and dental assisting, though dental faculty also attend and benefit from the curricula. The June 2011 program on Advances in Educational Methods offers a variety of topics for educators seeking best practices:

  • Using technology in teaching: apply technology to enhance the teaching environment, encourage self-directed learning, and make curricular changes to better meet the needs of today’s students.
  • Classroom assessments: build an examination blueprint to guide test construction, improve multiple-choice tests to better assess students’ learning, and use rubrics to grade essays and complex projects.
  • Academic honesty: understand student perceptions of cheating, structure the classroom and curriculum to motivate students to perform honestly, and identify tools and strategies to discourage cheating.
  • Career planning and professional growth: increase personal accountability in goal development and achievement, develop a comprehensive CV, and construct a meaningful, motivating teaching philosophy.
  • Conflict management: assess one’s personal conflict style, test different approaches to hypothetical situations, and apply strategies for managing conflict in a positive manner.

Advances in Educational Methods is a 100% distance learning program that utilizes the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Blackboard site for document management, assignment posting, discussion boards, and blogs, and Wimba for the online classroom where participants join together virtually for the once-a-week live sessions, on June 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2011. Each of these Wednesday classes begins at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time and is 90 minutes in length. All that is needed to participate is a computer with an internet connection and either a phone for audio interaction or the use of computer speakers and microphone. Registrants will be assigned a unique username and password to log in to the Blackboard and Wimba site; a step-by-step tutorial for using these systems is also provided so no previous experience with Blackboard or Wimba is necessary. All four live sessions will be recorded; participants who miss a session—and those who participated but want to see a rerun—can view it as often as they want.

In addition to providing valuable readings, useful assignments, and priceless interactions with three veteran instructors and dozens of colleagues from across North America, the ADEA/AAL IAHE Advances in Educational Methods for Allied Health Educators program offers 20 CEUs and a certificate of completion.

Testimonials from Advances in Educational Methods Alumni

"The ADEA/AAL IAHE program Advances in Educational Methods for Allied Health Educators opened up some big doors for me. After completing this workshop, I was asked to participate in a mobile device technology pilot project at my institution. The ADEA/AAL IAHE course content introduced me to the vast array of appropriate technology usage for allied health students and educators—and is serving as a valuable resource for our presentation of this project at the 2011 ADEA Annual Session."  ~Prof. Risa Handman-Nettles, Georgia Perimeter College

“I would encourage anyone in allied health education to take this course. The course has been challenging and materials were useful for my field. I look forward to more courses from ADEA/AAL Institute for Allied Health Educators.” ~Prof. Diane Bew Arnold, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

“For a hygienist who is new to the field of teaching, I thought this was a very informative and helpful class for me.” ~Prof. Karen Andrews, West Coast University

“As a ‘seasoned’ educator, I wish I would have had access to a program such as this years ago so I could have been better prepared for the classroom. It's a great experience to learn with your peers and be reminded that you are not alone, we all are having the same questions and concerns.” ~Prof. Jane Slaughter, Lake Land College

“As with all courses I have taken through ADEA/AAL IAHE, this one exceeded my expectations.  The online offerings are excellent and I enjoy being able to interact with people from all over the United States.” ~Prof. Stephanie Harrison, Community College of Denver


To learn more about this ADEA/AAL IAHE program and to register, go to www.academicleaders.org/iahe.html. For questions and group discount inquiries, contact AAL Managing Director George Weinstein at gweinstein@academicleaders.org or 404-350-2098.

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