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ADEA Launches New Website

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ADEA is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at www.ADEA.org. The launch of the site is the culmination of a comprehensive effort involving many stakeholders. Those stakeholders included a website advisory group comprising a cross representation of ADEA members, leadership, and staff. Last spring, attendees at the 2012 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition had the opportunity to preview a prototype of the site and participate in an exercise that gauged how they would intuitively navigate the site. This member engagement opportunity provided ADEA staff and ADEA’s technology partners additional feedback to make the new site more user-friendly.
Some key features of the new ADEA.org include: 

Improved Navigability
Enhanced navigability is the cornerstone of the new site. The new site map and navigation were based upon how ADEA members utilize the site. The new menus maximize the ability of members to find information quickly. The homepage features a continually updated carousel of images of featured ADEA activities as well as a calendar and news feed that direct members to the latest announcements and events.

A Customized Experience for ADEA Members
The new website tailors the experience for different constituencies within the membership, providing information of specific interest to individual members. For instance, users can access news, resources, and events sorted by relevance for prospective students, current students, faculty, and deans and program directors.  

A Modern and Clean Design
Another goal was making the site more modern in appearance by eliminating clutter. The new site clearly conveys ADEA’s priorities and uses design techniques to highlights topics that are of the greatest interest to members. To achieve this goal, staff also analyzed other successful sites to gain a sense of best practices in the current generation of association websites.

The launch of the new website is a part of a larger strategic initiative at ADEA to continually improve the effectiveness of its member communications. The Association aims to do so by creating stronger visually branding across all communications, developing more targeted constituency-based messaging, and highlighting critical information so it is readily identifiable. 

Thank you to everyone who offered their time and feedback to make the website launch a success. If you have feedback regarding the new site, please contact ADEA Director of Online Services Kevin Morse at  morsek@adea.org  or via phone at (202) 289-7201. 

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