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Journal of Dental Education, Volume 76, Number 10, October 2012

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Journal of Dental Education, Volume 76, Number 10, October 2012     

Editor’s Note

Communication Skills for an Electronic and Global World

Milieu in Dental School and Practice

Determining the Validity and Reliability of Clinical Communication Assessment Tools for Dental Patients and Students
Dieter J. Schönwetter, Mickey Emmons Wener, Nita Mazurat

Exploring the Predictive Ability of Two New Complementary Instruments for Assessing Effective Therapeutic Communication Skills of Dental and Dental Hygiene Students
Dieter J. Schönwetter, Mickey Emmons Wener, Nita Mazurat, Ben Yakiwchuk

“I’ll Never Forget This”: Evaluating a Pilot Workshop in Effective Communication for Dental Students
Henriette Lucander, Kerstin Knutsson, Hanna Salé, Anders Jonsson

An Analysis of Patient Grievances in a Dental School Clinical Environment
Amit Sachdeo, Svetlana Konfino, Ross U. Icyda, Matthew D. Finkelman, Harish Gulati, Peter Arsenault, James B. Hanley

Critical Issues in Dental Education

Evaluation of a Revised Curriculum: A Four-Year Qualitative Study of Student Perceptions
Sharon K. Lanning, Angela P. Wetzel, Meredith B. Baines, B. Ellen Byrne

A Collaboration to Enhance Oral Health Care for Survivors of Domestic Violence: Women’s Domestic Violence Shelters and Nova Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine
Stephen Abel, Hendi Crosby Kowal, Deborah Brimlow, Marlene Uchin, Barbara Gerbert

Educational Methodologies

Dental Implant Placement by Predoctoral Dental Students: A Pilot Program
Ziad Jalbout, Edgard El Chaar, Stuart Hirsch

Implementation of a New Advanced Graduate Education Program in Oral Implantology
German O. Gallucci, Hans Peter Weber, Elsbeth Kalenderian

Use of Virtual Patients in Dental Education: A Survey of U.S. and Canadian Dental Schools
Robert A. Cederberg, Dan A. Bentley, Richard Halpin, John A. Valenza

Autonomous Virtual Patients in Dentistry: System Accuracy and Expert Versus Novice Comparison
Glenn T. Clark, Apar Suri, Reyes Enciso

International Dental Education

Dental Hygienists in Israel: Employment Evaluation, Job Satisfaction, and Training Implications
Nirit Yavnai, Leon Bilder, Harold Sgan-Cohen, Avi Zini

Clinical Pairing Revisited: A Study at the University of Malaya, Malaysia
Norasmatul A. Ahmad, Zahra Naimie, Joo L. Lui, Azwatee A. Aziz, Mariam Abdullah, Noor H. Abu Kasim, Noor L. Abu Kassim, Chooi G. Toh, Yo L. Thong, Abdul A. Abdul Razak, Hadijah Abdullah, Zeti A. Che’ Ab. Aziz, Eshamsul Sulaiman, Maria Angela G. Gonzalez, Priyadarshni Bindal

Parenting Responsibility Expectations of Senior Australian Dental Students: Do the Next Generations’ Family Responsibilities Impact Workforce Planning?
Ala’a AlSharif, Estie Kruger, Marc Tennant 

Case-Based Learning in Clinical Courses in a Chinese College of Stomatology
Shan Yong Zhang, Jia Wei Zheng, Chi Yang, Zhi Yuan Zhang, Guo Fang Shen, Jian Zhong Zhang, Yuan Jin Xu, Xia Cao

Trait Procrastination Among Dental Students in India and Its Influence on Academic Performance
Balasubramanian Madhan, Cholleti Sudheer Kumar, Eslavath Seena Naik, Sujit Panda, Haritheertham Gayathri, Ashish Kumar Barik

Letter to the Editor

Penalties for Academic Dishonesty: A Comment

Book Review

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