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Journal of Dental Education, Volume 76 Number 5/May 2012

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JDE May 2012 Cover
Critical Issues in Dental Education

Achieving Student Diversity in Dental Schools: A Model That Works

Ernestine S. Lacy, Ann L. McCann, Barbara H. Miller, Eric Solomon, Jayne S. Reuben

Influence of Community-Based Dental Education on Dental Students’ Preparation and Intent to Treat Underserved Populations 

Wilhelm A. Piskorowski, Stephen J. Stenafac, Mark Fitzgerald, Thomas G. Green, Rachel E. Krell

Validating the Standard for the National Board Dental Examination Part II 

Tsung-Hsun Tsai, Laura M. Neumann, John H. Littlefield

How Do Dentists Perceive Poverty and People on Social Assistance? A Qualitative Study Conducted in Montreal, Canada 

Christine Loignon, Anne Landry, Paul Allison, Lucie Richard, Christophe Bedos

Milieu in Dental School and Practice

A Model for Forensic Dental Education in the Predoctoral Dental School Curriculum

Kenneth P. Hermsen, J. Dane Johnson

Dental Students’ Perceptions of Dental Specialties and Factors Influencing Specialty and Career Choices  

Matilda Dhima, Vicki C. Petropoulos, Rita K. Han, Taru Kinnunen, Robert F. Wright


Rethinking Tenure in Dental Education

Rebecca L. Slayton, Parag R. Kachalia, Juanita Lozano-Pineda, David D. Rolf II, Robert E. Kovarik, Joycelyn A. Dillon

Ethics and the Electronic Health Record in Dental School Clinics 

Robert A. Cederberg, John A. Valenza

Educational Methodologies

Developing and Pretesting Case Studies in Dental and Dental Hygiene Education: Using the Diffusion of Innovations Model

Deborah L. Cragun, Rita DiGioacchino DeBate, Herbert H. Severson, Tracy Shaw, Steve Christiansen, Anne Koerber, Scott L. Tomar, Kelli McCormack Brown, Lisa A. Tedesco, William D. Hendricson

Does a Case Completion Curriculum Influence Dental Students’ Clinical Productivity?  

Sang E. Park, Harlyn K. Susarla, Romesh Nalliah, Peggy Timothé, T. Howard Howell, Nadeem Y. Karimbux

Teaching Social Responsibility Through Community Service-Learning in Predoctoral Dental Education  

Mario A. Brondani

Short-Answer Questions and Formula Scoring Separately Enhance Dental Student Academic Performance  

R. Neal Pinckard, C. Alex McMahan, Thomas J. Prihoda, John H. Littlefield, Anne Cale Jones

Electronic Textbooks as a Professional Resource After Dental School 

Michael L. Bates, Elizabeth A. Strother, Darlene P. Brunet, John R. Gallo III

An Online Community of Inquiry for Reflective Practice in an Operative Dentistry Course 

Karen Gardner

International Dental Education

Dental Hygiene Student Experiences in External Placements in Australia

Jane A. Taylor, Melanie J. Hayes, Linda Wallace

Training for Legal Dental Expert Witnesses in Germany: An Instrument for Professional Development 

Hans Ulrich Brauer, Winfried Walther, Christa Riesen, Michael Dick

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