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Journal of Dental Education, Volume 76, Number 4/April 2012

Critical Issues in Dental Education

Dental School Faculty Perceptions of and Attitudes Toward the New Dental Therapy Model
Naty Lopez, Christine Mary Blue, Karl D. Self

Assessing Context Effects on Test Validity of the National Board Dental Examination Part I
Chien-Lin Yang, Laura M. Neumann, Gene A. Kramer

Educational Methodologies

Typodont Versus Live Patient: Predicting Dental Students’ Clinical Performance
David W. Nunez, Mohsen Taleghani, William F. Wathen, Hoda M.A. Abdellatif

Using Multiple Methods to Assess Learning and Outcomes in an Online Degree-Granting Dental Hygiene Program
Emily Springfield, Anne E. Gwozdek, Melissa Peet, Wendy E. Kerschbaum

Leveraging the Power of Web 2.0 Tools: A Wiki Platform as a Multimedia Teaching and Learning Environment in Dental Education
Florin D. Salajan, Greg J. Mount

Predoctoral Fixed Implant Patient Satisfaction Outcome and Challenges of a Clinical Implant Competency
Marjan Moghadam, Renata Dias, Esther Kuyinu, Michael B. Ferguson, Thomas Mucciolo, Leila Jahangiri

Measuring Change in Critical Thinking Skills of Dental Students Educated in a PBL Curriculum
Bens Pardamean

Faculty Development

The Endangered Clinical Teacher-Scholar: A Promising Update from One Dental School
Marnie Oakley, Alexandre R. Vieira

Creating an Objective Structured Teaching Examination to Evaluate a Dental Faculty Development Program
Maureen McAndrew, William H. Eidtson, Gaëlle C. Pierre, Colleen C. Gillespie

Milieu in Dental School and Practice

Improving Tobacco Dependence Education for Dental and Dental Hygiene Students at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry
Margie R. Arnett, Nadim Z. Baba, Darlene Cheek

Dental Students and Bloodborne Pathogens: Occupational Exposures, Knowledge, and Attitudes
Julie E. Myers, Ronnie Myers, Mary E. Wheat, Michael T. Yin

International Dental Education

The Dental School Learning Milieu: Students’ Perceptions at Five Academic Dental Institutions in Pakistan
Kamran Ali, Mahwish Raja, Gordon Watson, Lee Coombes, Eithne Heffernan

Dental Students’ Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Anticoagulation Dental Treatment: Assessment of a One-Day Course at the University of Murcia, Spain
Y. Martínez-Beneyto, P. López-Jornet, F. Camacho-Alonso, M. González-Escribano

Continuous Assessment of Undergraduate Students at a Dental College in India
M. Priya, M.S. Muthu, Deepti Amarlal, Eapen Thomas

Root Canal Shaping Using Rotary Nickel-Titanium Files in Preclinical Dental Education in Turkey
Gül Çelik Ünal, Murat Maden, Ekim Onur Orhan, Erdal Sarıtekin, Anıl Teke

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